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* Psychic Fair *

January 26th, 2013

1pm - 5pm

at the
Columbus Insight Center

Come join us and start your New Year off with Divination! We will have 6 talented readers - tarot, runes, oracles and intuitive, to choose from, answering those questions that you may have.

We will also have a vendor at the fair with various items for sale to the attendees.


Lyndsay Eirich

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Lyndsay Eirich offers intuitive readings. Her spiritual journey started many years ago, when as a child, she had several out-of-body experiences that led to a lifelong search to develop her spirituality. She has been giving intuitive readings for the last 3 years and believes that when we are truly ready, we will find what we need to help us on life's journey. She feels she is a mirror for those that come to her, reflecting back what part of them already knows, whether consciously or not. "When we are ready, we are open to the insight Spirit provides."

$10 for 10 minute reading
$20 for 20 minute reading

Gandalf Freyasson

Rune readings by Gandalf Freyasson, who is an ordained Odinist/Pagan Gothi or Priest, licensed by the State of Ohio to solemnize marriages or perform handfastings. In the past Gandalf has held classes and workshops on the runes and their meanings and uses in divination and magick as well as on ritual and magick. He has assisted individuals on a private basis with private rituals or spellcraft, and has done countless rune readings and advice for many. Gandalf has also led many group rituals and performed handfastings among other activities within the Pagan community.

$10 for reading
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Rev. Christi Brown

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Palm Readings by Rev. Christi Brown, who is an ordained Minister, licensed by the State of Ohio to solemnize marriages and also perform handfastings. Rev. Brown has taught classes on Palm reading, and the Divine Feminine. Rev. Brown believes in Animism, and is an Eclectic Pagan, believing the Mother Goddess resides in all of us and every living thing rests deep within her.

Palm Readings for $10.00

Amy Rether

Amy Rether offers intuitive readings as well as advice from Tarot. She is a Certified Energy Touch Healer through Rays of Light Independent Spiritualist Church and is a Level 1 Reiki practitioner. She has been reading Tarot for fifteen years and began training to be a platform medium three years ago. Advising clients on their questions and concerns is only a part of the equation and Amy works to ensure each person is empowered to make their own choices in the end. Let Amy help guide you to your wisdom and inner Truth.

$1 per minute up to 20 minutes for healing or readings
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Julie Porter

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Julie Porter began 3 years ago sending long distance healing and then learned how to work with energies to perform Hands on Healing. She uses the Universal Energies to help guide her to an issue a client may be having with their health.  She will also receive information while performing hands on healing, from her guides and the Universe.  Julie is certificated through the KI Empowerment Center in Worthington and Rays of Light Spiritual Church located in Gahanna.  Readings by Julie are not read as they are laid out traditionally. Her unique style is more personal and by using the image and messages coming to her she can help guide her clients.
$1.00 a minute for healing
$10.00 for 10 minute reading

Stephanie McGrath

As a medium and psychic I have been working within numerous cultural, spiritual and alternative communities. I provide a non-judgmental and safe environment with which to gain the best reading I can offer as a psychic and reader. With over 20 years professional experience doing tarot, psychic readings, spiritual investigations and shamanic work, I will provide you with an empowering and uplifting psychic reading.  I am able to delve deep into your past lives, helping you heal issues with your life today and understand your path in this world using my psychic abilities to help you see what has come to pass and what will manifest in your future. I can communicate with spirits and guides and give you valuable messages from beyond the veil. I will answer your questions about love, life and family… Let me help you find your pathway to enlightenment and a better future. 

I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, medium and psychic who has worked professionally within many communities for over 20 years. I have clients world-wide and do readings via phone, privately and via email. All are powerful readings regardless of your location! I am available for events, parties, festivals, stores and other venues. Contact for more information

Rates $10/10 min readings (longer readings available pending availability day of the event)
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Lots of magical miscellany!

Books, herbs, incense, spell kits, jewelry, some 2013 almanacs  ... 

All reasonable offers considered. Virtually everything will be discounted!


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