Sep 2012

Wedding Scripts

Coming soon …..I’m trying to figure out how to add the scripts to this newly built version of my website. Hopefully, I’ll have them up soon….as I have some weddings to do. :)

Pagan Potluck Social

Come join us for a Pagan Potluck Social. Since Sacred Flame Circle went on hiatus there hasn’t been much in the area for those that practice the old paths. Let’s connect and make new friendships.

Middle Eastern Drumming Classes

Join a well-known middle eastern drumming teacher at the Columbus Insight Center tonight for time spent on the drum, learning rhythms for belly dancers!!!

This is a fabulous time spent with new drummers and experiences drummers alike in a learning and fun atmosphere!

No experience necessary!

Love Donations will be collected.

Guest Speaker - Michelle Belanger

We are proud to be hosting guest speaker, Michelle Belanger!!!! Author of the Psychic Vampire Codex, the Energy Codex, Ghost Hunters Survival Guide, among many other titles…as well as TV personality from History Channel, A&E and Paranormal State…will be joining us to talk about our subtle energy bodies.

Dan and I have hosted Michelle many times over the last years in various venues and are always happy to attend another of her workshops, as she has much knowledge and experience to share!

Because of limited seating, RSVP through eventbrite are required. Tickets are $10 each.