Learn to Meditate

Learn to Meditate

April 29, 2014

7pm - 9pm

Join Dan as he teaches us how to meditate.

Open Sangha

We have a lot going on at the Columbus Insight Center.

One of the popular groups that meets there is the Columbus Open Sangha. Come join us for some mindful meditation and discussion around the teachings of the Buddha.

Open, laid back, no specific lineage to follow....just done to the nuts and bolts of the Buddhist philosophy.



The CIC has been at this location for almost 2 years!!! Hard to believe.

And it’s been so much fun! So, many groups meeting here and so many workshops on the schedule!

SFT Rituals

There are two things that I miss the most with the loss of the old Sacred Flame Circle. One is the rituals and the other is the social time spent with others on various spiritual paths.

I’ve also been hearing from old SFC members and others in the spiritual communities that are looking for a place to belong.

The only other two options in Columbus that I’m aware of are the Witches meet ups once a month and the Three Cranes Druid Grove. The problem is, the witches meet-up, though great, is all about being social and the Druid Grove, though great as well, is Druid based. If someone isn’t interested in the Druid path, it’s not going to speak to them.

So, once again, I want to offer more.

Drumming Circles

Drumming Circles are a great way of building energy and getting together socially! We will be gathering this Friday for a last minute drumming circle, with the intent of giving thanks and gratitude!